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Just a few more days!
Monday, February 27th, 2006 at 12:46 a.m.

Sooner or Later

So, I am seriously getting really excited about my upcoming trip!!! I got three guidebooks out from the library and am starting to evaluate my packing strategy. . . Before I go I have midterms, a presentation, a paper, and most overwhelmingly, the rough draft of my senior thesis, but the trip will be such a reward for the stress that I've been going through. Here are pics of my destinations. . . (Allow time for all the photos to load)

The Tel Aviv skyline. Here we will disembark from our plane and spend a two days getting to know the city's museums, nightlife, and layout. Then off to Elat, one of the premier beaches in the Middle East. . .

It's in the south along the gulf, with world-class snorkeling and diving, which leads me to. . .

They have a natural barrier reef here with flourishing coral, and we'll be snorkeling along the length of it!

Another water-based activity we will be doing is swimming with dolphins!!!

They have a nature sanctuary for dolphins in Eilat where they are so friendly towards people that you can play directly with them when you swim here!

One day trip we're taking from Eilat is into the desert. . .

There we'll explore on jeeps and camels, hike a bit, see some oasises (oases?), and have a bonfire at the end.

One such oasis!

Another day trip we are taking is over to Jordan, to see the city of Petra. . .

This is the temple featured as the resting place of the Holy Grail in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. I've always been so intrigued by this incredible place, so I'm amazed that I will actually be there. (Also, I absolutely love this photograph with the camel and the great angle!)

By candlelight.

The next two days will be spent on the beaches of Eilat soaking up sun, swimming, drinking cocktails while reading some paperback novel, and sampling the night life! Then off to the next segment of our journey, Jerusalem.

By day.

By night!

We'll be able to be there on Shabbat (the Sabbath, Saturday), so there will be many cultural festivities to see as well as all the incredible ancient historical sights.

This vacation has everything I could ever want! Culture, history, sight seeing, memorable experiences, and relaxation. CAN'T WAIT!!!

Some people ask me if I'm concerned over potential attacks. All I can say is, currently it seems that there is just as much anger towards Americans and Brits as Israelis. All I can do is remain vigilant and rely on city-raised streetsmarts to detect if something seems wrong. Also, we won't be frequenting a lot of the traditional bomb sites such as public markets, buses, etc.

Also, something that brings me a measure of security (perhaps imagined but oh well), is the fact that Hamas was just elected in Palestine. Since they were the engineers behind many attacks, their supporters may put their activities on hold until they assess where Hamas stands now, and what sort of action Hamas might take politically, so that their attacks would not be as necessary. Also, it is a victory for them, and therefore expressions of violence might subside temporarily.

All that aside--you can't let terrorism rule your life or decisions. I'd never place myself in undue danger, but I think that in this case, I'm not. Which just leaves me to be EXCITED!!!

Sooner or Later

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