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101 Things

Sooner or Later

I've heard that this can be very difficult, but here goes!

1. This is what I look like:

2. I was a youth columnist for a professional west coast paper for a while, and they actually found me on Diaryland.

3. My favorite music is , in 2 words, very eclectic. In more: Annie Lennox, The Beatles, Ben Kweller, Black Eyed Peas, Bloc Party, Chantal Kreviazuk, Coldplay, (love, love them), David Gray, Dido, The Dixie Chicks, Franz Ferdinand, I Am Kloot, Janis Joplin, Jason Mraz, Jeff Buckley, Jem, Jet, Jewel, Joss Stone, Keane, The Killers, Liz Phair, Madonna, Maroon 5, Moby (his older stuff), Modest Mouse, Nirvana, Oasis, Peter Gabriel, Phantom Planet, The Pretenders, Queens of the Stoneage, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rilo Kiley, The Rolling Stones, Rufus Wainright, Ryan Adams, Sarah McLachlan, Sheryl Crow, The Shins, Smashing Pumpkins, Travis, U2, and Weezer.

4. I have very wavy auburn hair, which I was born with naturally. . .However when my baby fuzz fell out my color came in yellow blonde, which faded into dark brunette when I was a teen, but I'm back to that auburn (with a little help from my salon, lol)

5. Baz Luhrmann and Alfonse Cuaron are my favorite directors, both for screen (Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge and Cuaron's Y Tu Mama Tambien and The Prisoner of Azkaban. I love The Little Princess too) and stage (Luhrmann's La Boheme).

6. I took classical ballet in a profession company's school (S.F.B.), and even though it's been a while now, I still miss it. I bring a pair of my old pointe shoes with me wherever I move to, "just in case."

7. I can't decide whether my eye color is blue, green, gray, or what. There's also a tinge of yellow. Maybe all of the above?

8. I have never broken a single bone, or even sprained anything, and hopefully it will stay this way!

9. I love to climb trees, or just about anything really.

10. I rarely become interested in guys because I think I'm too picky for my own good. It's only when I've already known the person for a long time and really become comfortable with him that I open myself up to that, and by that point there's not much chance of rejection. I'm probably subliminally doing something there. BUT I've managed to find someone, despite that!

11. I am going to school (Uni) in London, which is far, far away from where I'm from, San Francisco, but it's an adventure.

12. I can't get enough of sushi, and I could live solely on Japanese food.

13. For a long time I wanted to be just like Agent Scully - and no, not because she got to hang around Mulder! I just really wanted to be in the FBI. It's still somewhat of an option.

14. I am a firm and passionate supporter of Macs and loathe PCs.

15. I've gone to two presidential inaugurations: Clinton's first, and Bush's first (EW). The former was one of the most celebratory things I've seen and took place on a sunny day and the latter was bitterly cold and sleeting, and had more angry protestors than I've ever seen at one place. I was of the same mood in both, as well.

16. I prefer to have a close circle of friends in which everyone likes each other and can really talk to, and confide in, and trust in one another, as opposed to just a lot of 'kinda-friends' who only hang out.

17. My favorite drinks are Midori Sours and Ginger Rogers, because I'm a classy broad.

18. I seem to travel in unexpected trends. Last year I was in Eastern Europe (including Slovakia--go figure!) twice, and this year I'll be in Africa twice in 6 months: The Canary Islands and Morocco, as well as Gibralter and Andalucía, Spain. I also went to Thailand with family in between and we're going to South America in the summer. Plus some friends are here which meant weekend trips to Wales and Scotland. Needless to say it's been/will be a great year for travel!!!

19. I took a year off of college, after my first year, to act in an independent film, for which I dyed my hair platinum blonde. I liked it but my hair grows way too quickly for it to be maintained.

20. I love my neighborhood in London with a passion. Kensington is gorgeous, bustling, and cosmopolitan, not to mention historical. I live right off of the oldest square in London, circa 1668.

21. If I could have any sort of plastic surgery, it would be bust reduction, which most girls probably woulnd't comprehend!

22. I have no idea what kind of guy I am into, I only know what kind of guys I'm not into. Is that terribly pessimistic?

23. I am not as 80s obsessed or expert as most people my age, even though technically I'm an 80s child.

24. I love, love, love going to Broadway and West End shows, and try to see at least once a month. I'm seeing Ewan McGregor in Guys and Dolls soon, to which I'm looking forward!

25. I hate my birthday because it's two days after Christmas, but for once it worked out when I was able to celebrate my 21st birthday at home over Christmas Break last year. Also, it fell on a Saturday which was nice.

26. I love rollercoasters. The thrill of adrenaline is incredible. Unfortunately I rarely get to go.

27. I am a double major in Art History - my mom's major, and Literature - my dad's.

28. I'm a Republicanist ;-)

29. I am somewhat of a paradox in that I can be a party girl, who will talk to anyone and be 'out there,' but I can also be very conservative and sensible. It's the difference between night and day. . .literally. It's usally at night that I let my hair down!

30. My crutch is designer fashion. . .but I pride myself in finding the best bargains in town. I refuse to pay anywhere near full price. (Yay, Jeremy's!)

31. Along those lines, I am hooked on eBay!

32. It's kind of sad, but flying back and forth between London and San Francisco is really nothing to me now.

33. I absolutely love to write. Unfortunately I don't have much time for it anymore. It's so sad!

34. My parents were in the process of divorce last year, after being together since they were my age (35 years ago), but the one who instigated it--my dad--has turned around and said he would like a reconciliation. To me, this is akin to pigs flying, hell freezing over, etc. Nonetheless, it will be a long process. . .

35. I'm half Norwegian, a quarter English, and a quarter black Irish, and because of that I'm very fair in complexion and eyes (but have darkish hair and eyelashes).

36. I lived in L.A. for a year for Uni, but I didn't like Southern California at all; it was a total alien planet to me. Ironically, though London is thousands of miles away and L.A. is only hundreds of miles away, London feels so much more natural and homey to me. The two cities have very similar vibes (though London's on a much grander scale of course!)

37. Soccer is my favorite sport to play because of fluidity of motion. I used to be a right forward and that was the best because you didn't have to play defense and you got the glory if you scored! Hehe. I've started to play volleyball again with my school though, and I am recalling how much I love that sport as well. Being back on the court is exhilarating!

38. I am admittedly an avid reader of Harry Potter, but I didn't jump on the bandwagon when it got popular, oh no! I read it when it first came to the United States, when we heard a review for it on NPR saying that this new author was very similar in imagination and creativity to my favorite childhood author, Roald Dahl.

39. I'm fortunate that I've been able to meet several actors I most admire, such as Nicole Kidman, Ewan McGregor, Gillian Anderson, and Dan Radcliffe (Harry Potter) through a mutual friend, actually. He's a really sweet kid. . .And when I say "met" I really mean that. They've been conversations about actual things. I would never, ever, ever ask anyone for an autograph. (I've never been impressed with celebrity, and I've never been starstruck, but for some reason I'm always coming across them.)

40. My two very good friends and I plan to get corresponding tattoos of Picasso's dove (minus the signature, of course):

It will mark our friendship, and the symbol itself is important to us as well for political and religious reasons.

41. I have a weird connection to the number '41'. It is always on the clock when I read the time and whenever I'm assigned any sort of number it is always, always '41.'

42. When I was litle my favorite TV shows were Ducktales and Are You Afraid of the Dark?

43. I love acting with a passion and was very honored to have recognition for it from The Juilliard School.

44. I am an only child, and so are both of my parents, so I don't even have any aunts uncles, or cousins.

45. I need higher self-esteem, but so do most girls I know.

46. I absolutely love lip gloss, and my friends say that when I put it on it looks like I'm making sweet love to the applicator, lol.

47. I truly love my name, Chloe; in fact I'd give it to my own daughter if I didn't have it.

48. I like that Nicole Kidman made having fair skin cool again, even in the face of the tanning epidemic going on right now, lol. That's my complexion!

49. Following law school I'd like to work for the District Attorney's office in San Francisco, and eventually become a prosecutor.

50. I wish I were taller. I'm only 5'3"! Most of the time I don't notice but when I stand between my tall friends I feel like a valley between mountains. Plus it makes guys constantly want to lift me up, which I hate!

51. I want the standard two children. First a boy, then three years later, a girl.

52. I love The United States, but I dislike the government. Don't be confused: they are NOT one and the same.

53. I only have two peircings, one hole in each ear, but I used to have a tiny crystal in my left nostril. One night it fell out so I painfully got it re-pierced, but then it fell out once more! I was very bitter, but I won't re-do it again.

54. I am really close to my mom. We can hang out for hours and have so much fun! It is just so relaxed and easy. We've made a good transition from mother/daughter, to friends. . . of course she'll always be my mom too.

55. My favorite flower is the Stargazer Lily. It is beautiful and has an amazing scent.

56. I used to be obsessed with ghosts and all I would read were ghost stories. They still fascinate me, though I'm not sure if I believe them.

57. Even though I don't believe in ghosts, I've had weird and unexplained sounds and movements in my room. Things tap in the wall and then switch to opposite walls when I tell them to stop, and I've had my sheet tugged off me. In various photos of me taken in my room, there's a strange white mist shape hovering above me, and semi-wrapping around my body as well. Things I would require would disappear from places where I knew they were, and (for example) I would take each item out of a drawer one at a time to no avail. Then they'd reappear in exactly those spots as soon as I no longer need them! It used to drive me crazy. Very odd indeed.

58. I am starting to adopt an English accent with certain words, and I've already started to use certain English words ('rubbish bin' instead of 'garbage can,' etc.), spell in the English way words ('colour,' etc), and write in the English format of time (12.00 instead of 12:00, etc.). Whenever I adopt an overall English accent though, it's impossibly posh. Maybe since I live in Kensington?

59. I had a fight with my best girlfriend over a guy once, which in retrospect was so ridiculously stupid.

60. My zodiac sign is Capricorn.

61. I really respect the direction that all my friends are taking in their lives. Everyone is going to be really well-educated, and has really exciting futures in front of him or her!

62. I'm not particularly religious, but I love the catholic parish of Mission Dolores, where I sang in the choir. It's so inclusive and welcoming through its diversity.

63. I've just taken the LSAT (Law School Admissions Test) and it was very difficult, but I'm so glad it's overwith!

64. I'd like to live in Greenwich Village when I'm older, but ultimately settle down in San Francisco. I may go to law school in New York. . .

65. I'm in the midst of applying to law schools. The pool of schools include: Harvard, Boston College, Boston University, NYU, Fordham, Columbia, Seattle U, Standford, USF, U.C. Hastings, U.C. Berkeley, and my backup: Golden Gate University.

66. I'm the only one of my friends who hasn't seen a psychologist or psychiatrist (aside from Aileen, as she has corrected me). I don't think I'd do well even if I did though; I don't think I could trust him or her because I have too much pride (the bad kind).

67. My teachers in high school were phenomenal, particularly my AP ones. I was so lucky to know them, and I still keep in touch. My Uni Professors are just as fabulous. They have a genuine interest in their students and really great and fascinating teaching styles.

68. I'm not a chocoholic at all but I AM a milkaholic!

69. My cat Allie is really sassy:

She's really frighteningly intelligent and has a feisty personality. She's a talker and I love her tons! Despite that however, I have dog fever like some people have baby fever. I want one sooooo much, and I will have one eventually, damnit.

70. I love to go to movies; I enjoy the whole exerience. That is another thing which I rarely have time for anymore, however.

71. My friends and I have many madeup words that we've incorporated into our daily vocabulary that would make no sense to someone overhearing us. They never cease to amuse us, though.

72. I find thunderstorms very sexy.

73. I don't do any drugs, except alcohol, if that counts.

74. I HATE the smell of cigarettes.

75. Touching cottonballs strangely makes my skin crawl.

76. I love the sounds of the wind, ocean waves pounding against the surf, and rain falling on a tin roof or windowpane.

77. I can't stand doing housework, and try to weasel out of it as much as possible.

78. Jon Stewart is my hero.

79. If I have a son I want to name him something Celtic. I like Liam, Calem, Tristan, Daniel, or Sean, among others.

80. My dream is to eventually have enough money to buy two Victorian houses in San Francisco (this will never happen untless I win the lottery, but anyway. . .) I want to buy the home I grew up in for my mom, and another one for me!

81. My favorite fragrances are J'Adore, by Christian Dior, Oscar De La Renta's scent, and Chanel Chance.

82. I am a soprano 1, which is the highest voice part in singing, and I can also do soprano and alto 2 if need be. But if it's alto 1, forget about it.

83. I am confirmed night owl and have a terrible time getting up early mornings.

84. I can see the elegance and complexity of math but unfortunately I find it boring as hell.

85. I prefer cold temperatures to hot, but that doesn't mean I prefer clouds over the sun, because I don't. I like winter days when the sky is bright blue and the light is white, but there is a chill in the air.

86. I do not believe in long-distance relationships, but that was a very difficult to decision to make.

87. I am a voracious reader.

88. I can be a very fast runner, but I have no endurance at all.

89. I used to be a vegetarian because I love animals so much, but even though I maintained a well-balanced diet I became extremely anemic and had to stop. I still don't eat red meat though, except for the occasional In'n'Out burger!

90. I don't like American beer.

91. I am allergic to grass (I can't sit on it wih bare skin or it gets really itchy), and mangoes (I can't eat them unless they're cut up into little bits, because the acid in the skins reacts beadly to my lips).

92. I have taken French for a long time, and the year before last I went to Paris thinking I was close to fluent, but I was hugely humbled! However, I'm improving. The next time I went, I was pleasantly surprised. . .I think I had more realistic expectations of my capacity that time.

93. Typically I don't like fast food, but the exception to this is the incomparable and previously mentioned In 'n' Out Burgers!

94. I love Conan O'Brien and never skip a show while in the states. He makes makes me laugh harder than anyone else, and I miss watching him now.

95. I am a registered Democrat and vote in every election. I'm incredibly dissappointed in the American people after last November, but at least Bush has to lie in the bed he made, and I am very satisfied with his current ratings, though they should be even lower, in my opinion.

96. Because my high school choir director was so amazing, he organized tours every year to incredible locations. Sophomore year we went to Eastern Europe (Slovakia, Hungary, and Austria), my junior year we traveled all across central Italy, and my senior year we went to Paris. In Italy we were honored to sing at the Vatican for a High Mass, and in Paris we were amazingly lucky enough to sing at Notre Dame. They were unforgettable experiences.

97. I have a special bond with the ocean, having grown next to the Pacific, and I'm always very happy to see it again when I visit home.

98. I have the easiest job imaginable. I am paid $11 per hour to sit at the front desk of one of the campus buildings, where I do exactly the same things I would do in my room: study, go online (we're allowed to have our laptops with us and there is wireless), and talk to friends. My duties are rare and only incllude signing things in and out and directing the occasional call.

99. I recently painted my room at home in S.F. and we had the original 1907 hardwood floors redone, and the same was done with our front room (adjacent):

100. I get migraines, and they're awful!

101. In general, I enjoy my life.

Sooner or Later

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